Who we are

A team of registered dieticians who aim to apply appropriate medical nutrition therapy in managing our clients ensuring the highest quality of nutrition care. We provide scientific and evidence based nutrition information to our clients which is practical ensuring they meet and maintain their nutrition goals.

To be the leading provider of nutrition services in Zimbabwe
To provide the best nutrition care


We are proficient in a wide range of nutrition disciplines. We use tailored diets to treat or compliment medical treatment of specific diseases, symptoms and conditions.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Services under this category weight management, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, thermal injuries, diseases/conditions/surgery of the gastrointestinal tract, trauma, osteoporosis, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS, renal disease, food allergies,diseases of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, inborn errors of metabolism, neurological diseases, respiratory diseases and tuberculosis, arthritis ,cancer, therapeutic adaptations of diets, nutrition support: enteral and parenteral, micronutrient supplementation and pediatric nutrition

Community Nutrition

This involves activities and programs aimed at improving the health, nutrition, and well-being of individuals and groups within communities by providing positive and preventative dietary advice.

Services in this category include setting up nutrition feeding schemes and training in nutrition programmes

Food Service Management

Involves the principles and practices relating to the administration of both public and private large scale food preparation units e.g. hospital kitchens, school cafeterias, restaurants. It includes the preparation, serving and safety of foods and the environment in which it is handled.

In this category we cover areas I around setting up food service procedures, compilation of menus, implementation of HACCP system and review of Food Service systems


We also carry out research projects in the pursuit of new knowledge to improve the understanding of nutrition, health and disease. Should you need to require things about nutrition, we are there to serve. Let’s discover!


Lorner Chikoto

Dietician with special interest in Critical Care, Sports Nutrition, Non-Communicable Diseases, Paediatric Nutrition, Gastrointestional Disorders and Food Service Management.

Ruvimbo Danda

Dietician with special interest in Critical Care, Paediatric Nutrition,Weight Management, Non-Communicable Diseases, HIV/AIDS and Food Safety

Molifia Chido Manyasha

Dietician with special interest in Infant and Young Child Feeding, Critical Care, Non-Communicable Diseases and Food Service Management.

Kudzai Vere

Dietician with special interest in Weight Management, Non-Communicable Diseases, Digestive System Conditions, Allergies and Sports Nutrition.

Sanele Nkomani

Dietician with special interest in Diabetes and Non-Communicable Diseases, Renal Nutrition, Weight Management, Gastrointestinal Disorders and Allergies.


  • Menu Development for Dot’s Kitchen
  • Food Safety Course for Rainbow Towers
  • Menu Development for Petrozim Private Limited
  • Sports Nutrition Course for Sport Leaders Institute of Zimbabwe

Nutrition Wellness Presentations for:

Freda Rebecca Mine, Barclays Bank, Colcom, Hippo Valley Estates, Hunyani Paper Company, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to mentions just a few.